Ren provides the facilities, the equipment, and the power of Ren marketing to help you build your business. At Ren you can use any space in the building for any time segment you need. You can book a treatment room, a make-up station, a hairstyling chair, a café with kitchen, a work-out studio, a manicure station or pedicure station for any length of time in one hour increments.

Three different ways to work with Ren:
pay as you go;
preferred rates under a lease;
joint venture

1. Pay as you go- You use only the time you need without a lease agreement. You pay a higher hourly rate and there is no marketing of your services through Ren.
2. Preferred rates under a lease- You sign a lease with Ren to use a minimum of $200 worth of hours per month. Your biography and pricelist and phone number for scheduling goes on the Ren website. Hourly rates differ for each space ranging from $5.00 to $30.00. Weekends are higher. Hourly rates start at $5.00 an hour for a styling station to $ 15.00 an hour for the studio.
Joint venture- Work with Ren on a split on revenue whereby Ren promotes the marketing, facilities and equipment.

Booking Fees: These fees are paid by practitioners to other practitioners who refer them to their clients or paid to Ren for scheduling practitioners when calls come into the main number or walk-ins to Ren.
$5 anything under $50
$10 anything over $50
$15 or under –no fee

Other Services provided to practitioners on a fee basis: Washing Hair
Set-up and Take down of treatment room

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