As founders of Ren, we took the same principles we learned as design builders and applied them to Ren: put together a great team of practitioners who specialize in a service and give them the tools, materials, and management necessary to enable them to focus on providing excellent service in their area of expertise.

Ren is a complex for renovation and renewal. Wellness and Beauty are multifaceted and interrelated and we have made sure every modality of wellness and beauty are included in the menu of services. That is why we have five different wings: the specialists, the savories café, the studio, the spa and the salon.

Specialists blend practices from Western Science to Eastern Healing; medical doctors, dieticians, chiropractors, naprapaths, acupuncturists , and Reiki healers all collaborate to help patients with their needs.

Savories serves breakfast and lunch, holds cooking classes, provides meals under a meal plan, assists customers in their own meal preparation, and does dinner parties and special events.

Studio is for dance, pilates, yoga, meditation and personal training provided in classes, semi-private and private sessions.

Salon provides nails, hair and make-up services.

Spa offers estheticians, therapeutic massage, body treatments, teeth whitening treatments and waxing.

Each of these groups of professionals interact with one another to help manage the renewal process for you.

Founders Patti Navilio and Michael Lavender

Events at Ren Salon

9 1/2 Weeks: Begins Feb. 15

Events at Ren Savories

Cooking Demo - Feb 12th

Events at Ren Specialists

Nutrition Seminar - Jan 22

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